Our heart is a home for the scripturesScreenshot_2017-10-07-15-00-06~2. We all do have a home, and mostly enjoy family time at home with parents, that funny relative in our family etc,Same with the word of God, its home is the heart. thats its residential address…lol   Daily we find too may words flying over our heads, ears, but very few are being housed by our heart to be nurtured into growth.

This blessed month of October, the faith goal is to memorize scriptures.

Our FAITH GOALS are specific accomplishments we are eager to see happen in our walk with God and in our ministry,  Results don’t come overnight, they come because we yearned for them and prepared for them. I love faith goals, they challenge me to live at the end of own rope, fully depending on God and to have 10000%  sense of gratitude that God has done the impossible for me.

So, let’s journey together through this month of memorizing scriptures.. Will drop weekly hints and tips as the Holy Spirit inspires..


Be blessed…always






Screenshot_2017-10-04-07-45-07~2Songs like “None Like You”, and one of my favourites already, ” Worship Medley ” are few of the songs  to be expected from the highly anticipated album I CHOOSE YOU

From the camp of Ps Helen Yawson, undoubtedly one of the highly anointed vessels God has blessed and gifted  the world with, Director of Voicemania, who for over 20 years have lifted up pure worship and whose music has never ceased to  influence the worship lifestyle of thousands of people

I commend the team work played, and superb timely collaborations,it really did speak for itself in the songs.. for crafting masterpieces unto God


Music lovers, this is a really really must have…call it a neccesity,lol.

This can be a perfect gift for your music director, your music lover friends and for yourself as well

Your can play this at your workplace, always awesome to saturate the place with His presence, and this album will do much more than just that. Every single lyric describes perfect intimacy with you and God- our Father.


Guess the album is for everyone then.. Lol…nobody was left out. God does have you in mind…constantly… Always…



Link for downloads are:

Amazon, ITunes,Spotify…just name it. Its already out and very much available

A Letter To A Seeking Soul: Christ- The End To Hunger And Thirst…

CHRIST- The End To Hunger And Thirst


Dear Seeking Soul, what’s up?, what’s popping?hehehe…. Oh yeah! I got this for you.. Check it out


If the gospel you are partaking of  produces more hunger and thirst for God, if its a gospel that keeps you looking for the next best thing in Christianity, then you are not partaking of Jesus Christ.


Yes, there are times when you desire Him just to be overwhelmed by His beauty, but when your desire is out of a place of distance and separation, then you are busy with the wrong thing. This is because, this true  God has satisfied every has satisfied every hunger and every thirst in Christ. The living waters springing unto eternal life and its currently gushing out of your belly(your innermost being).


John 7:38(New Living Translation)

Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the scriptures declare, Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.


He has given all He has, He has invested in your humanity, you are his inheritance and his real estate.


Dear Seeking Soul,

Christ In You is the end of every thirst. Thirsting for God is like sitting close to a tap and yet asking for water. The rivers of living water,man’s meat – Jesus has indeed ended every hunger by enriching us in every possible way through His life in us. Out of your belly flows living waters. How can a thirsty soul flow with living waters? How can you be hungry for when you have the bread of heaven that man may eat and not die.


John 6:51(New Living Translation)

I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Anyone who eats this bread will live forever, and this bread I offer so  the world may live is my flesh.


Dear Seeking Soul,

But of His fullness have we all received graced heaped upon grace


John 1:16( New Living Translation)

From His abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another


This life we have isn’t a life of continuous search,hunger and thirst for God. It is a life of continuous rest in God who found us and filled us with all of Himself.


Dear seeking Soul,

God doesn’t  really have a plan for your life, your life is His plan. The gospel doesn’t come to inform you, it comes to reveal you. You have always been in God and He has always been in you, truly and fully.


Dear Seeking Soul,

I pray that the eyes of your heart be enlightened so that you will know what is the hope of His calling, What are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints and what is the surpassing greatness of His power towards us who believe.


Ephesians 1:18-19( New Living Translation)


18. I pray that your hearts will be flooded with light so that you can understand the confident hope He has given to those He called. His Holy people who are His rich and glorious inheritance.

19. I also pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe in Him. This is the mighty power.


Dear Seeking Soul,

If you are looking for something from God, I am sorry to say that He is empty, because He has invested all of Himself in your humanity and existence.


Christ is that fullness in you.





Reuben Stan AdzaleIMG-20170928-WA0031-01

Its Reuben Stanley Adzale!

Our guest author for this month’s “A Letter To A Seeking Soul” .



Reuben Stanley Adzale is a man of prayer, faith and the word of God and an amazing bass player.


He is the President of New Wave Inc. A vibrant youth ministry with a divine mandate to redefine destinies and to facilitate transformation in young people through prayer, music and outreach.


Aside all other projects, New wave Inc have been distinct in their prisons Outreach, mighty2save Project and prayer retreats as testimonies still pour in on a daily basis, indeed God still liberates!


Stanley co- hosts Xplicit worship, an annual event that seats over 500 people and brings all men to the saving knowledge of Christ the Messiah through music..


Always ready and available, do follow him and hit him up




Reuben Stan Adzale

New Wave Incorporated








And another amazing thing!



The hand of the Lord is strongly and heavily at work in our lives… Our monthly articles are finally ready…



1. Another legacy of Faith…

These are true life experiences, not authored by me though,lol, authored and told by people who have experienced a faith encounter with God. They have believed the impossible and God showed up in a way they didn’t think of


2. A letter to a seeking soul

Another article not authored by me…lol..


When the soul is in search for something stronger than just a Sunday service…


Both articles to be released soonest!!!


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Friends like Bildad the Shuhite

I nearly nearly nearly nearly  skipped today’s post to post another interesting thing I stumbled across, but I dare not. Lol..


Friends like Bildad the Shuhite…


Bildad calls Job a Hypocrite. Now, Bildad is a Christian. When you tend to be faithful to God, committed to your purpose and very diligent in your service to God, to your church, friends like Bildad see you to be a Hypocrite. Their definition of Faithfulness is Hypocrisy.

They call you a Hypocrite to your face, they rub it right on you.

When you act on kindness, you are a hypocrite, when you extend a generous hand,you are being a hypocrite. Christian friends like Bildad simply cannot tell the difference between Faithfulness and Hypocrisy. They don’t know it


Friends like Bildad seek answers both from God and any other form of magic. They are Christians. They know God is great and powerful , he gives answers to mysteries, other forms of magic also provide answers to mysteries, by themselves they go to all kinds of strange places in search of answers. They can go to a church just for answers but not to worship or fellowship. Anything that can give them answers, or miracle they will believe in it.


Friends like Bildad judge people by comparing themselves to them

Bildad compared himself to Job, he told Job that he is more prosperous and famous than Job today because he has not sinned but Job has sinned that’s why he is suffering.

Friends like Bildad feel superior by pointing all of your shortcomings. They feel superior to you just by telling you how much of a failure you are and they are not.


Bildad told Job how unwise he is because he is not heeding to the counsel he and Eliphaz have been giving him.

When you stand your ground for Christ and refuse to absolutely stop trusting Jesus for one second, they think you are unwise. They simply don’t understand Faithfulness.


Friends like Bildad make you feel you cannot reach out to God in your trying times, they try to make you believe God doesn’t want to hear from you which is a big fat lie. God is yearning to hear you talk to him all the time, no time limit, no time zone, free access, no WiFi needed lol, no bundle, no airtime, no network problems,absolutely free.


Even when you encourage your self little by little, friends like Bildad belittle you.

When you dreams are big and they sometimes scare you, they make you feel you don’t have what it takes to accomplish it. Another big fat lie. What God has put in each and everyone what it takes to accomplish anything at all our mind can think of.


Unlike Eliphaz who blamed Job for the death of his children, Bildad blamed Job’s children for their own death. They just love to play blame games.



Continue being faithful, continue to serve,in your local church,at your office,keep on being faithful. No Bildad can ever stop you from being a faithful servantimages (27)