God is about to exceed someone’s expectation come 11th November

This is a gathering that has seen people leave with testimonies each year, and this year is no different…it only got better.

Pure worship, pure sacrifice, pure grace and an overflow of his anointing.

Hosted by Richard Hoyah Ministries,

Ministering are: Pastor Isaiah Fosu-Kwakye Jnr, Min Ackwerh of soulwinners fame and Rev Timothy Bentum.

Date: 11th November 2018

Time : 5:00pm(Gates open at 4)

Venue: Dominion Chapel International (The Special Place)

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God bless you!



Good afternoon creatives,

We are happy to announce that the first ever Christian art exhibition is happening!

Curated by Evg. John Sena

And I can’t wait to share the details with you.. In the mean time pls pray with us

God bless you,



I have been in ministry for quite some time now,and have taken time to study my life and the life of others.

I have studied the scriptures and discovered *ONE MAJOR THING that GOD HATES*, is *PRIDE* Ps 40 vs4.😭

PRIDE is in two categories, the VOICED PRIDE and the SILENT PRIDE.

I would love you to read this article with all BROKENNESS of heart.

Bible clearly stated that *GOD RESISTS THE PROUD. James 4vs6 * That’s one verse in the Bible I FEAR most. Imagine a MINISTER that GOD is resisting his ministry, Imagine a Person that God is resisting his life.


Listen your MINISTRY will never grow more than it is now if you ARE A VICTIM OF GOD’S RESISTANCE. *and anyone WHO partners with YOUR MINISTRY will also PARTNER in your MISERY.*

The worst case of PRIDE is to be PROUD and you don’t EVEN KNOW.

Hmmmmmmm. SILENT PRIDE. this i see in the LIFE of some persons,especially young Ministers.and I cry.

*SILENT PRIDE* is when you CLIMB THE PULPIT to preach and you want to prove to someone how powerful you can preach.

*SILENT PRIDE* is when you can’t commend others in ministry,because you feel you are bringing yourself down by doing that

*SILENT PRIDE* is when others commend and honour you,and you feel you are better than them.

*SILENT PRIDE* is when you are Rebuked,and deep down your heart you feel bad and offended,but can’t express it.

*SILENT PRIDE* is when a fellow or junior minister is Teaching,and says a word that is new to u,but you couldn’t write it down,because you felt they will think you don’t know.

*SILENT PRIDE* is when men honour and commend you,and you reply *ALL GLORY TO GOD,* but deep down in your heart *you Stole the Glory.*

*SILENT PRIDE* is when you attend a programme,and you where not introduced,then your face changes.

*SILENT PRIDE* is when you share a testimony,and begin with *BY THE GRACE OF GOD.* but actually you didn’t mean it.

*SILENT PRIDE* is when you had a programme,that was attended by 5 persons,and u feel bad as if God had not done anything but the one attended by 50 or more persons you post on social media so that people will see that u are powerful and can pull crowd, Calm down my brother,ministry is bigger than that.

*SILENT PRIDE* is when you are no longer open to the rebuke of the HOLY SPIRIT.

*SILENT PRIDE* is when you paste the HANDBILL of your programme on Facebook,so you can show to other ministers that you are also busy with Programmes.

*SILENT PRIDE* is when you colonise a Revelation,as though u brought it forth. *it is called revelation,Because it was revealed.*

*SILENT PRIDE* is when you become proud with your encounters and words you heard from God. *If God speaks to you,please be humble in sharing it to HIS PEOPLE*

*SILENT PRIDE* is when another minister of God is praying and u couldn’t close ur eyes or say Amen cos u feel u are more holy and spirit filled

*SILENT PRIDE* is when you are HUMBLY PROUD.

*SILENT PRIDE* is when you are reading this post and still struggling with it.

What have you actually done that you are beginning to boast. *You have too many persons around you CLAPPING FOR YOU. it’s DANGEROUS my friend.*

If you must get to the highest realm in God and in MINISTRY,you must completely destroy the *DEMON CALLED PRIDE.*

PRIDE is making an attempt to lift up yourself above Gods throne. The Devil tried it and he didn’t go free. *You won’t escape too😨*

Rend your heart sir,kill your pride ma.

Tell the LORD TO BREAK YOU DOWN. you can’t afford to be GODS ENEMY because of the DEMON CALLED PRIDE.

*You can’t afford to be RESISTED BY GOD.*

hmmmmmmm. Think about NEBUCHADNEZZAR🤔

what ever God is doing through you now,dont personalize it. ITS A PRIVILEGE SIR/MA

An ANGEL appeared to a brother SOME YEARS AGO when he started enjoying somethings in Ministry,and said to him *””ERNEST PAUL you are proud,and it has built a mountain against your Ministry.””* When he woke up, he argued with the Lord. *Because he was so sure of his Humility.* But the Lord opened his eyes to see his SILENT PRIDE. He cried and asked for mercy and repented.

Maybe that’s your case too, you are so sure of your HUMILITY. But why not allow the LORD to SEARCH YOU. you may just be a VICTIM OF SILENT PRIDE.




God bless you as you take an account of your life today and make amends.

May we all receive the grace to make heaven at last in Jesus mighty name!!!! Amen!!!!!!!!!!



4th Edition of the annual Worship event hosted by Billington Brown Ministries. One thing is always evident at this gathering, just young people gathered singing their hearts out in Worship to the King non stop for hours! This year features Min Eugene Zuta, Ps Isaiah Fosu-Kwakye Jnr.

Date : 8th July 2018

Theme: The Name Jesus

Time : 3:00pm

Venue: Life Empowerment Chapel, opposite Regional maritime University (not too far from the Junction mall,Nungua)



Monthly Worship series hosted by Michael Antonio and Seeds Inc. sponataneous worship and prayer moments in the presence of God with Ps Joe Beecham, Mary Ghansah and LIC Choir

Date : 8th July 2018

Venue : Action chapel, Adenta



Team Eternity has hosted one of the largest youth Worship concerts in the nation’s capital for 5 years now, and this year its the “Asafo Yehowah” way we are going to.

Date : 22nd July 2018

Venue : Bank of Ghana Auditorium, opposite Volta Hall, University of Ghana, Legon

Time : 5:00pm

4. RELOAD ’18’

Prayer and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Hosted by Reuben Adzale and New Wave. Koinonia!!!

Date : 22nd July 2018

Time: 3:00pm

Venue : Open Heavens Mission International,Teshie Cold store, opposite Ayorkor Nyonmor Bakery


An atmosphere full of revelations and prophesies. Oh! And mysteries.Hosted by Prophet Samuel Sowatey and Army Of Eagles Ministry

Date : 28th July 2018

Time : 9:00am

Venue : Paloma Hotel, Circle



The Band! The ladies are everything…lol!

This year, I wasnt looking out for anything in particular, wanted everything to be as spontaneous as ever and it happened!

I love the fact that the ladies were not looking for a “personal glory ” ish or who the audience are “feeling”….i love th serious team work! Highly impressive!

God bless the men that marry any of these ladies..


By Rev. Alfred Nyamekye – “MY WIFE, THE ENEMY
I woke up from a very frightening dream of my wife pouring hot coals on my Bible. I am a pastor, the former General overseer of a blossoming ministry. My church was beginning to get noticed all around the country, you know that point, when it seem like you are the only one God was speaking to. That was the point I was when I began to have serious deep revelation about my wife.

Just as I got to church that morning , highly disturbed, Sis Chrstiana, a very fervent member of our church who was gifted in visions and prophecy knocked at my door.

“ Pastor, there has been underground murmuring in the church, a lot of people have been having terrible dreams about Mama, I shut most of them up, until I saw something very similar this morning”

“ What did you see, sis Christiana?” I asked in fear

“ I saw Mama, Your wife Sir, carrying a sledgehammer breaking down the building of the church, till the whole church collapsed”

“ oh my God!, lord don’t let this woman destroy me, I also saw a revelation this morning, I saw her pouring hot coals on my Bible, I am finished, I have married the enemy of my destiny, but the devil is a mad man, he planted her in my life for over 15 years without her showing her true colours, now that my ministry is blossoming , the devil wants to use her to destroy all I have labored to gather, God forbid!. Thank you Sis Christiana, I know what to do!”

You would not believe what I did, I went into a 21 days fasting with only one prayer point “ LORD, KILL MY WIFE”I was on a prayer mountain for 21 days and I refused to come down, all I drank for those 21 days was water. A strange sickness took over my wife, I started jubilating, so happy heaven had answered my prayer, I did not pay attention to her, 3 months after my prayer, my wife DIED.

HOW ELATED I WAS, the enemy of my life was dead. Sis Christiana and I became good friends, she introduced her younger sister to me, and I fell in love with her instantly, before long, I perceived she was the will of God for me. She was a very spiritual girl. I married her. On our wedding night, she woke me up…

“ Femi Durojaiye, wake up” she had never called me by my first name, but as I looked at her I saw an elderly woman on the bed instead of my young beautiful wife…

“ Jesus, Jesus”

“ Hey , Shut up, how dare you call that name, you murderer, listen, from today , you are no more the General overseer of your church. If you make the attempt of ever pastoring again.. we will kill you…”

Suddenly, just like in the movies three witches appeared in my room, Sis Christiana in the middle.. and Christiana spoke…

“ I have been in your church for 10 years as I had been assigned against you, because of the potential we saw in you, but your wife always defended you in the place of prayer, she was your cover, we needed to clear her away and the only one who could it for us was you. We just needed you to declare it with your own mouth, and our master the devil worked on it.”

The elderly woman on my bed spoke “ So, I am with you forever, we are already in a marital covenant, blood and soul tie covenant, wherever you go, I go I will be monitoring your every move, so cooperate, hand over the church to a pastor I will introduce to you tomorrow and you will tell your members, the Lord told you to step down as the General Overseer.”

I did as instructed, and I watched how my big church crumbled before me as the satanic pastor destroyed the soul of my members, stealing their Glory. My new wife made sure she escorted me to my village, where she left me giving me strict warning never to come to the city again. She left me and for TEN years I have not seen her.

I decided to write this story to let everyone know that we should discern all spirits, not all dreams come from God. Some have been projected from the pit of hell to send confusion into one’s Life. Also in marriage, no matter what you are going through with your spouse, never see your spouse as the enemy, the devil is the enemy.

Lastly, let wives be very vigilant spiritually, there are women who want to clear you out of the way so as to destroy your husband, always be prayerful about your own safety. Husbands pray for your wife, the devil that wants you to lose your wife is actually the devil that wants to remove your spiritual shield, so they can get you.

1 JOHN 4:1